Jeffrey R. MacDonald, rashomon and talvar isn’t it

For classic jeffery macdonald case in u.s  has an alternative and most talked about case in india in form of Noida Incident of aarushi talwar, jike jeffery both husband and wife happened to be doctor and like that case aarushi case was full of conspiracy theory and gets mention or one say fictional inspiration  in indian movie talvar which also look crime from different perspective in rashomon mode but again how responsible is film making when talvar couple themselves where the darling of media right throughout the case and have even cried on media,  but there exposure right throughout the media during the case hardly found any mention in the movie and now after supreme court verdict this is bound to  generate sympathy and debate.

Bollywood has allready goofed on a popular case like jessica lal where characterisation itself was faulty .

Rahasya and now talvar in short sucession indicates the bollywood fixation of crime in a thriller mode genre which has disappeared and now to get relevent idea people resoting to famous media trials.Curiously film is produced by times group and is evident when front page of news section is devoted to talwar(and new trp is generated by most for them came from bora case recently)  ,isn’t that resort to building support like they did for talvar publishing quotes in bombay time of aarushi’s friends to generate further conspiracy theories, as for reel life rashoman filmakers continues to be good spin doctors


In 90’s last such fixation came up with akshay kumar’s khiladi series popularly based on ved prakash sharma’s book but it was fiction and not any spin to influence public opinion


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