bahubali:the beginning (for indian cinema)

Bahubali is certainly a big step in terms of vfx but its not all about that, its a tribute to imagination of rajmouli who has proved himself again as visionary, when they said magdheera was all about chiranjeevi factor, he created a monster out of eega and grandeour with bahu-bali.

From River as saviour to creator to shiv strotra and finally tandav to indicate coming of age which goes along with mischievous romance as motif,shivendu exhibits all and finally gets his identity .

War scenes which never looked so good on indian cinema, with indigenous strategy and execution as project to motivation as leader it covers the entire range as gamut. Bahubali has glimpses of both krishna and arjun to bhallaldev having ferocious fighting ability and rulers ambition like duryodhana but weilds his portable gada and strength as bheem.

A leading lady who is full on duty and a bit vague romance to a mother on revenge to a rajmata whose only duty is shashan has glimpse of indian sacred mythology, remember kunti was the mother of both pandavas and kaurava, draupadi had both pandava and kaurava as suitor , a bhishma like loyalty of mahismati in form of katappa , to shakuni like evil to finally viscious battle ala 300 style, the imagination which blends both east and west.

Brilliant cinematography which covers every vegetation, a wonderful soundtrack and even better performances to finally a climax where one yearns of more make you speechless indicating a giant leap for indian cinema and as role model which inspire indians to think big.


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