lunchbox which was testy

just recently got to watch the movie lunchbox and found it immensely enjoyable , a movie which was built on backdrop of reality but had the touch of fantacy. The three central character are all very competent and have done great job.


Movie start with the case of missing or one should say say about a dabba(lunchbox) which goes into wrong place and from where a relationship starts through exchange of notes within the same lunchbox and ironically a mistake which is done by mumbai’s famous dabbawalla who are known for their sig sigma level of accuracy , having place in recordbood and even got praise from british royalty. The two central protagonist ila(nimrat kaur) and sajan fernandez(irfan) are poles apart, one with family and one who is lonely but loneliness and desertness of big metropolis is what connects them trough notes but unlike wong kar wai’s movie on migrants this one has the dose of humour , a sajan who writes in english and an ila who writes in hindi,

While ila’s closest friend is an aunty without face but with voice that to voice of reason , sajan’s buddy in real life is the trainee shaikh(nawazuddin) who will get his job a month later after his retirement but the warmth , relationship and dark humour which develops between them is delight to watch


a marriage of extreme certainly in terms of crowd, close bonding in form of food, parental acceptance in case of one which leads to marriage while in other case a parental loss in case of one is beautifully demonstrated. Infiedility which ila experiences in case of of one gets compensated by loyality which forces one to abandon what could have been hers.


An open climax unlike the case of closed(mistaken identity) which is from where all start is befitting end.


In a nutshell a watchable film with wonderful performances from trio(irfan, nawaz and nimrat kaur)




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