Thoughts on Khuda kay liye

Well as a movie khuda kay liye touched many hard hitting reality and is quite refreshing . Well the movie primarily heighlights the dilemma of moderate muslim and the struggle which they are facing from extremist muslim.The movie shows the 3 story of 3 different individuals mansoor, sarmad and marry who belong to same family and their struggle which they face in their life.Mansoor in the movie represents the thoughtful modern day liberal muslim , sarmad his brother is the confused lot who is crossed between the path of liberalization and extremism while marry represents product of western setup who likes the western culture and consider Britain as her country .
Mansoor and sarmad are musicians by profession who belongs to a liberal family in Lahore , while rehearsing for a new year eve in 2000 the younger brother sarmad faces the backlash of extremist group and finally comes in contact with a maulana and there starts his transformation (more precisely brainwash) where he gets the concept that music is haram in islam and slowly he starts to lose contact with his brother and later with family. Marry their cousin is a british national who has inherited western culture and and even has a gora boyfriend who belongs to different faith( Christianity) , in the name of honour her father wants a muslim son in law but he himself is associated in a live in relationship with a white which highlights the typical male hypocricy .Marry’s father fools her around by taking her to a trip to Pakistan by stating that after their return she will be married to the person of her choice . In the name of religion marry is forcefully married to sarmad her cousin in the tribal town of waziristan away from the main city of Lahore and samad’s family , finally her father left her and she lives the life of a hostage and later gets raped so that she will have children to avoid her escaping acts . Movie here highlights some of the evils practices done by some mullah where a girls is forcibly married to a younger boy and finally gets raped in the name of honour , also it highlights the term zihad and how some mullah has made it an abuse now by brainwashing some of the young and even some educated youth to .Further the elder brother mansoor travels to u.s and gets admission in a musical school and slowly falls in love and gets married to a white Christian . Some of his scenes with his ladylove is worth watching especially his dig on I.Q OF AMERICANS and his claim that pakis as the one who ruled India and spain for a long time( which was hilarious ) and his introductory musical song which radha used to sing for krishan which he uses as introduction for eastern music on his musical class ,with time he faces the racial discrimination after 9/11 and gets detained ( well having a extremist bother does not help matter to), he suffers some of the most inhuman torture and finally breaks down and gets paralysed , Shaan deleivers a superb performance as a tough man while facing the torture and finally as a paralytic man when he meets his wife for last time when he is about to be deported . Movie provides a strong climax where marry take her father and her cousin to court to to fight for her right in a male dominated society , overall the movie has a real powerful script though it tends to be melodramatic in climax and has flaws ,as performers shaan stands out for rest there is nothing much to write about though iman ali look hot , film lacks strong production value but has some good musical tone , overall is is watchable for the way it shows many issues courageously


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